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a flooring contractor installing floor tile Flooring installers are responsible to install wood floors and other flooring materials in homes, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and even in outdoor rooms.  The most common types of flooring include wood, tile, and carpet.  In addition to understanding how to install flooring, flooring installers must also know how to assess the surface the flooring is covering, to determine whether the surface requires any sort of treatment before installation.  Some flooring installers specialize in installation only, while others are able to make suggestions to clients based on traffic pattern, aesthetics, and budget.

There is no specific education required for flooring installers, and most learn their trade on the job.  Typically, flooring installers at the beginning of their careers are given simpler jobs such as preparing surfaces or installing padding, while those with more experience are given the more difficult jobs such as measuring, cutting, and fitting.  Some vocational and trade schools, as well as local home improvement centers, do offer courses on particular types of floor installation, such as installing tile or wood floors.

Flooring installers generally work during the day during normal business hours, but the location varies.  Floor installers who specialize in public buildings or in office buildings may need to work evening hours or weekends in order not to disturb employees or customers.  There may be some driving or travel required.  Because installing flooring is very physical and requires lots of lifting, bending, and kneeling, flooring installers must be in good physical shape and must have a certain amount of endurance.

Flooring installers should have a natural knack for the math and geometry that is often required in cutting and fitting.  In addition to being physically fit, they should be coordinated, have good fine-motor skills, and possess excellent hand-eye coordination.  Flooring installers should be reliable, should show up to work on time, and should have the type of demeanor and work ethic that results in recommendation and referrals.

Flooring installation goes hand-in-hand with new building construction and remodeling.  Therefore, the job outlook for flooring installers typically corresponds to that of other building trades, as well as to the health of the general economy.

Additional information about the floor layer and carpet installer occupations can be found on the Flooring Contractors Association website.

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